Peroba has the expertise to make your vision and design a reality.  


Design & Build

Our team is focused on making your dream a reality. Reclaimed wood is our passion and seeing our clients light up is what keeps us going.  We work with architects, designers and builders on commercial and residential design & build projects of various types.  We are FSC certified which assists with the LEED certification process.  

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Custom Millwork & Finishes

We understand that precision milling and superb finishes are what make a reclaimed wood project a great one.  That's why Peroba has only the most talented local artisans milling and finishing our products.  Whether your specs indicate a micro bevel, a reveal, shiplap, or T&G, you can be sure only the most technologically advanced equipment and sharp minds were used to sculpt your vision.  Need a custom finish or a surface treatment?  We will make it happen!

reclaimed wood beam timbers

Material Sourcing

We utilize our extensive worldwide network to source reclaimed wood and reclaimed wood products for our most discerning clients.  Let us help you track down those hard to find pieces to make your vision a reality.  We want your project to tell a story of sustainability.


Reclaimed Wood


Part of our passion lies in seeing an otherwise neglected building, being repurposed, reused, and given a new life.  If there is any way to reuse its materials is, in our opinion, the best way to honor it.  Why cut new trees when we can upcycle the old ones.  Have a barn, house, silo, or other structure you would like to have dismantled?  Call or email us to talk about how to prolong the heritage that this reclaimed wood and other material provides.


Reclaimed wood