• Biophilic designs promote physical & emotional well being

  • We have a positive environment impact

  • Client satisfaction is our top priority

  • We focus only on sustainably sourced reclaimed wood

  • We create custom products for your project

  • Our products are stable and durable

Peroba, Inc. has an extensive national and global network for sourcing reclaimed and urban salvage woods.  We provide our clients with the highest quality reclaimed wood products, live edge wood slabs and rough sawn lumber.  Most of our wood is over  150 years old. 

Peroba’s reclaimed wood products have been through decades of expansion and contraction which makes it more stable than newly harvested wood.  

Peroba products offer both aesthetic and environmental advantages.  Here is Michael Reid from PRS Guitars talking about using reclaimed Peroba Rosa for his guitars:


Meet the Founder

Peroba, Inc. is family owned and operated. Karl Stark, the Founder, started Peroba with a love for our planet and a mission to save our natural resources. He has a background in sustainable, green building and wood carving. Karl is motivated to do his part to help save our forests by using reclaimed wood from vintage buildings to create beautiful and stunning new products for residential and commercial spaces.